My First Time Bound

Welcome to MY FIRST TIME BOUND! Inside you wil find exclusive and unique material about three of the hottest bondage teens on the wide world web: Sasha, a awesome auburn girl; Micah, the youngest of the three but also the kinkiest and Garotinha, a sexy brunette with an uncontrollable desire for erotic games and softcore bondage. Here at MY FIRST TIME BOUND you can get access to photo sets of all the teens featuring high quality pictures of them engaged on the sexiest amateur bondage experience you can imagine. You will be please with our collection of exclusive pictures of erotic bondage and softcore with the most beautiful young teens ever learning the ways of bondage and erotic bdsm!


This cute teen is called Sasha, as you can see she is very young and also has a great body. Sasha look innocent and tender but there is something suspicious about her, despise the fact that it was her very first time experiencing softcore bondage it gave us the impression that Sasha already know how to deal with bondage equipment such as ropes. It was intriguing and at the same time alluring in her, we expected a clumsy girl on her way to experience her first real softcore bondage action and end getting a girl that assure us it was her first time but with an uncanny knowledge of erotic bondage.


She is Micah, she is a teenager girl looking for bondage experiences. She came to us full of energy and with desires and dreams of softcore bondage action. Micah has a great teen body perfect in every aspect, also she has a pretty face and lustful eyes. Micah came to us for bondage and that made us very happy, not everyday we have the opportunity to work with such pretty amateur teen. We explained Micah the procedures and situations she were going to be put thru and we coul not help but smile when she blushed with the idea of naked erotic bondage. Micah had her first bondage experience and we managed to shot great pictures and videos of this amazing teen.


This teen is Garotinha, obviously that is her nick name, she asked us not to make public her real name. Garotinha is very young and she has a mild personality uncommon among girls her age. We took her measures for the record and asked her a couple of question regarding her motives for decide to become an amateur bondage model; after a giggle she told us that she had no particularly reason to do it, only for the experience itself. It was quite clear that she was hiding something but we did not wanted to push her to told us, instead we prepared a full course of softcore bondage for her. Judging by her attitude she will be a great bondage teen.


Meet Scarlett, a tattooed bondage teen or at least a bondage lover trying to learn and experience bondage in every way. Scarlett has long auburn hair to her shoulders, round and tasty boobs and a perfect teen ass firm and ready to hadle lots and lots of bondage. She is a very anxious teen, she wanted to learn all about the bondage world in one day, an impossible task even for a quick learner like her. Her awesome teen body quivers with each new toy we present to her, moaning in pleasure to the slight touch thanks to the great job our bondage masters did tying her naked body. One day she will become a great bondage chick.. is proud to present We invite you to browse shoots from our websites. You may buy shoots with 'Kinks' and add them to your permanent library. The most recent shoots for our websites are always only available by subscription, but here you can view archived shoots and test shoots never seen before! Check back each week for new shoots.

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